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Farm Animal Suspect Infectious Disease Chart

This page shows a chart listing the infectious diseases for the species, housing, zoonoses potential, and links to further information.

Suspect Disease, Farm Animal Zoonotic Contact log Route Species Systems Housing
Anaplasmosis   Tick-associated Bovine, sm.ruminant Blood Isolation
Bovine respiratory disease complex (IBR, BRSV, Pasteurella complex prior to etiologic diagnosis) Aerosol, nasal exudate Bovine Restriction
Bovine virus diarrhea Body secretions, fecal oral Bovine Restriction
Brucellosis Yes Uterine discharge, placenta, milk, direct contact, environmental, venereal, oral contamination Bovine, swine Isolation
Campylobacteriosis Yes Fecal oral, contact with environmental surfaces Sm. ruminant, bovine GI Restriction
Caseous lymphadenitis Yes Abscess, organs, products (milk, skin) Sm. ruminant Restriction
Chlamydiosis Yes Placenta and feces Sm. ruminant Restriction
Contagious ecthyma Yes Direct contact Sm. ruminant Restriction
Coronavirus infections Fecal oral Bovine Restriction
Corynebacterium renale infections Yes Urine Bovine Special Housing
Cryptosporidiosis Yes Fecal oral Sm. ruminant, bovine, swine Restriction
Dermatophytosis Yes Infected hair or crusts, contaminated tack Bovine Special Housing
Erysipelas Yes Fecal-oral, cutaneous lesion, contaminated environment Swine Restriction
Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis Etiologic diagnosis, aerosol Bovine Isolation
Leptospirosis Yes Urine Sm. ruminant, bovine, swine Isolation
Listeriosis Yes Oral Sm. ruminant, bovine Restriction
Mycoplasma mastitis Milk Bovine Isolation
Nocardiosis Exudate from draining tract, milk Bovine Restriction
Paratuberculosis (Johne's disease) Fecal oral Sm. ruminant, bovine Restriction
Parvovirus infection Body secretions, semen, contaminated environment Swine Restriction
Pasteurelliosis Etiologic diagnosis, aerosol Bovine Restriction
Pleuropneumonia  Aerosol, direct contact Swine Restriction
Pseudorabies Nasal exudate, saliva Swine Restriction
Q-fever Yes Aerosol, milk, feces Sm. ruminant Restriction
Rabies Yes Yes login required Infected saliva in bite wound Sm.ruminant, bovine, swine Special Housing
Respiratory syncytial virus infections Etiologic diagnosis, aerosol Bovine Isolation
Rotavirus Yes Fecal oral, environmental surfaces Swine, calves, bovine GI Isolation
Salmonellosis Yes Feacl oral, environmental surfaces Sm. ruminant, bovine, swine Isolation
Streptococcus suis infections Yes Aerosol, respiratory route Swine Restriction
Swine dysentry Fecal-oral  Normal
Toxoplasmosis Yes Meat, cat feces Sm. ruminant Restriction
Transmissible gastroenteritis Fecal-oral, aerosol Swine Normal
Tuberculosis Yes Aerosol, milk Bovine Isolation
Vesicular stomatitis Yes Bovine, swine Isolation





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